Bloodtobaby's response to the Mirror article!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

ARTICLE: Panic-Stricken dad in just his boxers saves wife and baby’s life using shoelace - Adam Aspinall 5th November 2019

This article is not an attack on the family who rightly did everything they could in what must have been the most frightening situation. As healthcare professionals wanting the best for families we are so happy the outcome of this story was positive. Commenting has now been turned off to prevent any further upset to the family.

  1. The purpose of this article is to question the Daily Mirror for their senseless reporting, of incoherent storytelling, pulling mismatched pieces of information together, not fact checking their statements and inaccurate reporting on the evidence for delayed cord clamping. The aim to minimise other families from being affected by this poor reporting.

I am a registered midwife and expert on optimal cord clamping. I run the website and campaign I regularly present at conferences and study days around the vital issue of delayed and optimal cord clamping at birth.

I am writing to complain about the inaccurate and dangerous information shared in the above article. Particularly this sentence:

"Guidance around cord-cutting is varied, but it has long been believed delaying cutting the cord can increase birth complications, especially if there is risk of infection”

This statement is completely incorrect and particularly damaging to babies short and long term health AND the ongoing work to integrate good practice of routine delayed and optimal cord clamping in all birth settings.