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BloodtoBaby is always seeking new (carefully chosen) sponsors. If your company would like to get involved in partnership activities please email For Bloodtobaby sponsorship helps us to achieve and sustain our vision -  to educate for all babies to have optimal cord clamping at birth. This is a global initiative and support enables us to curate exciting and innovative media and materials to raise awareness whilst also creating positive publicity for your business.

John Nash

Head of Marketing Inspiration Healthcare

We love supporting BloodtoBaby, we are focussed on facilitating physiological transition of the newborn with optimal cord clamping using the LifeStart at birth. We champion the value and benefits of optimal cord clamping to baby.

Cass McNamara

Founder and CEO of BirthSparks LTD

I believe in physiological birth. It's important to share and collaborate. Hannah's BloodtoBaby campaign continues to make a difference. Your website and resources raise awareness of  the many aspects around optimal cord clamping - we learn together. 

Wayne Channon

Entrepreneur Cells4Life Group

We want to ensure our clients can have delayed and optimal cord clamping at their child's birth.  Our new technology  supports both optimal cord clamping and cord blood banking. We refer clients to  BloodtoBaby's important resources.

BloodtoBaby Partners

BloodtoBaby would like to thank all it's partners for the expertise and perspective they provide to this campaign. Their contribution ensures the BloodtoBaby campaign can continue its important work to raise awareness about the benefits of optimal cord clamping at birth. In so doing they facilitate distribution of materials, exhibition at events, leadership and sustained innovation. 

Inspiration Healthcare provide high quality innovative products to patients and caregivers around the world that help to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies of healthcare organisations. Of particular relevance is the LifeStart Bedside trolley which helps to ensure healthcare professionals can facilitate intact cord resuscitation at birth where necessary. Inspiration Healthcare's support of BloodtoBaby helps move conversations about intact cord resuscitation forward, which if it becomes gold standard, would mean all babies get optimal cord clamping at birth.


Inspiration Healthcare


CUB Comfortable Upright Birth allows mothers to adopt and maintain positions that are not only the most comfortable but physically the most helpful for them and their baby during labour, making giving birth easier, faster and most importantly, safer! CUB creators support the physiology of birth and share this synergy with BloodtoBaby. Similarly CUB creators actively engage in education and empowerment of both mothers and maternity professionals helping to elevate midwifery roles and responsibility to promote, normal, physiological birth and care practices. 


CUB Upright Birth


Cells4Life are committed to transforming the options available to parents looking to protect their child at birth with delayed and optimal cord clamping, and for the future by saving their cord blood stem cells. Stem cell technology is being increasingly considered by parents at the birth of their baby. Using Cell4Life's TotiCyte processing technology, they can successfully use small cord blood samples taken from the placenta after DCC and deliver 3 times more stem cells at the point of treatment than any other cord blood processing system.

I am keen to educate about the critical questions women, midwives and other maternity workers may have about umbilical cord banking. The focus on ensuring physiology is not compromised whilst also considering aspects like parent education and informed consent. So in effect, minimising the chance of parents inadvertently falling foul of making an uninformed choice.



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