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BloodtoBaby Facebook Page

Team Members share information, articles, blogs and research to change practice

Social Media Page

Team Members George Brooks, Fatimah Mohameid, Gill Moncrieff, Deborah Neiger, Elisabeth Saether, Cheryl Samuals and Professor Andrew Weeks join Hannah Tizard to host this new community page to embrace and promote the work of the many individuals helping to change practice towards optimal cord clamping around the world. 

#OptimalCordAction Video

Sharing and promoting optimal cord clamping

Social media campaign

Flip book video celebrating all YOUR amazing images of optimal cord clamping in action! People shared images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I've collated most of them here. 

Thank you to all those that took part in this little initiative. It was incredibly successful. Our aim was to engage, educate and promote all the amazing work going on to integrate optimal cord clamping into routine practice.

Indeed we would hope this happens for most normal births, but improvements are needed at instrumental delivery and cesarean section (new poster coming soon!). It was very inspiring to see great work coming from Liverpool Women's Hospital and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust on this front.

Barriers to Optimal Cord Clamping

15 Novemner 2018

Running Time: 00:02:21


A brief look at four common scenarios that sometimes challenge the ability to perform optimal cord clamping in clinical practice. Understanding these issues and the locating the evidence to challenge them are important factors in ensuring optimal cord clamping is routine for all babies.

Physiological based cord clamping

Concord Neonatal

Runnung time: 03:54


This video explains the effect of the timing of cord clamping on the physiology of a newborn infant and specifically the positive effects of clamping the cord after the baby has taken its first breaths.

Tommy's Website

A innovative organisation providing pregnancy related information to women and familes and healthcare professionals

Tommy's website provides free, accurate, evidence based information important for safe midwifery practice and knowledge so parents can make informed decisions at birth. The organisation funds research and generates important media campaigns to raise awareness of health care initiatives. Please head over to Tommy's Website for access to further resources. 

The Cord Postcast about Optimal/Delayed Cord Clamping

26 January 2016

Running Time: 00:22:00


Podcast featuring Hannah Tizard by @AmyNeuhedel on Periscope TV.

Waiting to clamp your baby’s cord is not a delay, it is appropriate care.

We often hear about the importance of making and having choices in birth. But sometimes we are unaware that there is even a choice to make. In this episode we are talking about a choice that some moms may not think about if it’s not highlighted. We are talking about delayed and optimal cord clamping. Hannah Tizard is a student midwife and founder of the Blood To Baby campaign which is bringing global awareness to the need for baby to have all it’s blood.

The Blood to Baby Campaign for Neo-Resus Conference 2017 - Optimal/Delayed Cord Clamping

Hannah Tizard BSc Midwifery University of Central Lancashire

Running Time: 16:33 min

Colour / Sound / Subtitled

This video highlights the main benefits of optimal cord clamping and also features the progress of the campaign so far and looks at plans for the future. If you would like to get involved and feel you can contribute in any way please do get in touch. I would like to thank all the fabulous people who have contributed their videos to the making of this presentation - Suzie Johnson, Zoe Walsh, Amy Neuhedel and the midwives of Shifa Hospital in Gaza - Suha, Anam and Tahgred and Marcie Hunter. Birth photographers Kate Kennedy and Chantelle Janzer. Many photographs from the internet have also been used and I would like to give thanks for the powerful messages they share - Dr Rachel Reed, Ola Andersson, Monet Nicole Photography, Apple Blossom Families and Claire Teague Photography. Plus many others I was unable to find references for.

Optimal cord clamping website

Amanda Burleigh

Waitforwhite baby's blood campaign is a website run by long standing activist Amanda Burleigh. She writes:

"My website has been designed to consolidate the evidence and showcase the research and work of the many members who are striving hard to make our babies the healthiest they can be and turn the tide of poor non evidence based practice which is still prevalent around the world.

Most importantly this is to inform parents of tomorrow of best practice so they can demand the best for their children as they are the most important change agents and at the moment they are not being informed of the research and the long term effects of immediate, early  and premature clamping."

Optimal Cord Clamping #WaitforWhite Facebook Page

Amanda Burleigh Facebook Page

Social Media Page

Founded by Amanda Burleigh

Long standing Facebook page focussed on Optimal Cord Clamping. Over the last 10 years Amanda has been instrumental in campaigning to change practice. She has been featured in many national media reports which have helped to raise the profile of optimal cord clamping. She shares important research, resources and birth stories to help raise awareness. 

Optimal Cord Clamping #FlamingJune #MatExp #BloodtoBaby

Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 5:07 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Consultant Midwife Dr Tracey Cooper and Rupa Chilvers RCM Better Births Initiative produced two videos to celebrate their action for the #MatExp (Maternity Action Campaign on Twitter) #Flaming June action which was to raise awareness about optimal cord clamping and the #BloodtoBaby Campaign. This video features Professor Ceciley Begley, Professor Mary Renfrew, Professor Denis Walsh, Anna Byrom, Helen Shallow and Mary Cronk CBE.

Waiting Before Clamping and Cutting the Cord #FlamingJune #MatExp #BloodtoBaby

Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 4:26 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Consultant Midwife Dr Tracey Cooper and Rupa Chilvers RCM Better Births Initiative produced two videos to celebrate their action for the #MatExp (Maternity Action Campaign on Twitter) #Flaming June action which was to raise awareness about optimal cord clamping and the #BloodtoBaby Campaign. This video features Chantelle Winstanley, Professor Hannah Dahlen, Maeve Regan, Alys Einion and Professor Soo Downe.

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