On this page you can find resources dedicated to the physiology of

transitional support with optimal cord clamping.

Presented at the first Neo-Resus Conference in 2017

This conference was organised by David Hutchon and Michelle Salam and a small group of professionals, including myself. The conference was sponsored by Inspiration Healthcare. David is an a leading academic and retired Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. His research is extensive and seminal, investigating the true effect of prematurely closing the placental circulation with a cord clamp. Michelle Salam is a Midwife and works at Northumbria Healthcare a leading Trust who alongside George Brookes ANNP and Midwife and a team of practitioners have developed a new guideline for compromised babies which includes bedside resuscitation with an intact cord. 

The research below was presented at the first 'Neo-Resus' conference in March 2017. Including Anup Katheria, Judith Mercer, George Brooks, Ronny Knol, Margaret Thomas, Karen Fairchild and Karen Strange - all leading in the field of physiological transition with an intact cord. 

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