The Oxytocin Quandary

I am delighted to host BloodtoBaby's first guest blog by Deborah Neiger (Independent Midwife at Yorkshire Storks).

Off the back of my recent blog 'Oxytocin administration & delayed cord clamping' Deborah discusses the differences between endogenous (natural oxytocin) and synthetic man-made oxytocin (Syntocinon) during labour and birth.

Super Powers!

Oxytocin is everpresent in midwifery. It thrives within pregnant, birthing and postnatal women, it courses through midwives caring for women, it seemingly permeates the air during physiological births and when mothers connect with their babies. We love it!

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We love it so much that it’s molecular structure shows up in the form of tattoos, jewellery, art and all sorts other accessories midwives and mothers covet.

It enables the body to labour, minimises stress, maximises joy and facilitates mothers falling in love with their offspring. It has almost become a symbol of birth physiology, and rightly so.

The Alter Ego!