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BloodtoBaby Campaign Sponsored by Inspiration Healthcare

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Your go-to place for information & resources to support physiological transition of the newborn with optimal cord clamping.

Who is Bloodtobaby? 


Biography - Hannah Tizard @midwifetiz


I am a midwife, lecturer and master’s student at the University of Central Lancashire. I have previously worked with and as the Editor-In-Chief of the Student Midwife Journal in 2018-2019. As well as working as a midwifery lecturer, I also regularly speak at conferences, workshops and webinars. 

Holding the strong evidence base for optimal cord clamping in high regard I am keen to support change in practice, believing it is a fundamental right for all babies, especially those who may be born in poor condition, pre-term and by caesarean section.

I founded the BloodtoBaby campaign to raise global awareness about optimal cord clamping through dissemination of materials and education. I have had materials for Optimal Cord Clamping endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK and because of this work won the Royal College of Midwives Evidence into Practice Award in 2016. The British Association of Perinatal Medicine also signpost to the BloodtoBaby resources and module in their recent Optimal Cord Management Toolkit for Preterm Babies (2020). 

My website, founded 6 years ago, is dedicated to ‘physiological transition of the newborn with optimal cord clamping’. BloodtoBaby continues to grow and is underpinned by my desire to improve global & public health and midwifery practice. I do this in my own time by gathering evidence and using technology powerfully to translate important information into manageable pieces for practitioners and women alike. 


I believe in the power of the people and offer anyone interested to come join in with the campaign - just get in touch!

How you can help

You can help make a difference by supporting BloodtoBaby. The evidence base is reducing mortality and morbidity for babies across the globe, the campaign resources and module are now recommended by national bodies. Help me to continue sharing the evidence base for optimal cord clamping, especially babies who may be preterm or compromised.

Promo trailer for the brand new free module 

Neonatal stabilisation with an intact umbilical cord

#OptimalCordAction social media campaign 

Sharing one of our initiatives to raise awareness about optimal cord clamping. I asked our friends and followers to share their favourite images of optimal cord clamping in action. I am so appreciative of the support, it certainly did prompt lots of educational posts about OCC. Heres a little flip book copy to say thank you. 

Latest news and recent blog posts


The toolkit recommends the BloodtoBaby campaign and the BloodtoBaby bedside stabilisation module as useful resources to help plan and implement change to optimal cord management in the workplace. 


George Brooks, Deborah Neiger and Hannah Tizard bring you the worlds first free module on neonatal stabilisation with an intact umbilical cord. 


Organised by David Hutchon and Michelle Salam, Inspiration Healthcare hosted 'Neo-Resus' - the first international conference on the physiology of transitional support with optimal cord clamping. It featured expert speakers from around the world discussing current practice in neonatal resuscitation and the rising interest and support for delayed clamping for the umbilical cord. 


This infographic supports the recommendation on delayed cord clamping in the NICE guideline on Intrapartum care. In addition it also supports the statement about delayed cord clamping in the NICE Quality Standard for intrapartum care.
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
April 2016


Hannah Tizard wins the Johnsons Award for Evidence into Practice at the Annual Royal Collage of Midwives Awards 2016 for the BloodtoBaby optimal cord clamping campaign
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