Birth within the community; paramedics, OCC & intact cord resuscitation

Susan Rhind - Paramedic and Lecturer at University of Cumbria

Please welcome Susan Rhind - an operational paramedic and lecturer at the University of Cumbria. Susan's passions centre on improving care within the emergency healthcare services, and this includes helping to educate and guide clinicians in order to facilitate positive patient experience.

She is particularly passionate about improving maternity care within the ambulance service. Many of the adverse incidences within obstetric related cases are avoidable (Ledger et al., 2018) and an increase in knowledge, skill and integrated professional education provide means to equip health professionals to improve clinical outcomes and experiences for women and children in our community.

Multi-professional training

Allied Healthcare Professionals

Recently, we have seen the celebration of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). AHPs have joined each other in appreciation of their individual roles and how they work together to improve lives of patients.

As a Paramedic and University Lecturer, I found myself holding an event bringing together midwives and paramedics to revisit the current practice surrounding emergency obstetric care in the community; the rationale to standardise knowledge and integrate care provided to women and babies following birth outside of hospital.