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An Example of Substantiating the Scientific and Practical Relevance of the Dissertation Topic

Before you start writing a dissertation, it is important to justify your choice (topic). Justification of the thesis topic is a laborious process, during which the must convince the commission and readers that he has chosen a relevant, interesting and significant direction that requires innovation.

How to choose a dissertation topic?

The substantiation of the dissertation topic is documented in the introduction and conclusion. It is important here that the following elements be present: relevance, object and subject of research, purpose and objectives of the project, hypothesis, novelty and significance, methodology and information base (literature review). Today we will talk about how to competently and originally emphasize the theoretical and practical importance of the chosen topic.

What needs to be reflected?

If the research is of a humanitarian (theoretical) nature, then it is important to emphasize its significance for the development of science. Note that in the introductory part of the dissertation, it is necessary to briefly emphasize the significance, and it should be proved throughout the work.

What is the significance of the study?

If an experiment is supposed to be carried out, the application of the results obtained in practice, then it is important to reflect the practical significance of the project. In some cases, reflection of both elements is allowed. The main thing is to do it competently, briefly and succinctly.

The significance of the dissertation should show how the results of the research have affected science or industry, what they have affected. Moreover, the role of approbation should be important not only for the author, but also for other objects. The theoretical and practical significance of the dissertation is intended to show what work the author has done and what he has achieved, how the results of the study can be used in the future.

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